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up the world

The world needs light


Philips Lighting has been providing the world with lights over a century, lighting up the world. The world needs light and Philips Lighting has focused on the matter with dedication and innovation. A tremendous history has allowed Philips Lighting, delivering illumination from landmarks to monuments, showing how light can enable them to become even more impressive. By creating a heightened atmosphere with such great landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza or Buckingham Palace, we hope to enhance people’s emotions and create great experiences. We believe that through lighting a building or monument, they can truly come to life. In recent years with the advance of LED lighting, these buildings and monuments can become even more colorful. Come on a tour of the world with us of our very own Philips Lighting Landmarks where every decade there are stunning examples of how we have illuminated the world.

1920s: Amsterdam


The Netherlands is where Philips Lighting started and therefore we are always proud to light up our cities, such as this beautiful display of lighting in Amsterdam during the Edison Lightweek. Truly bringing out the iconic character of Amsterdam.

1920's Amsterdam

1930s: Paris Eiffel Tower


Philips Lighting had its part in the city of love and this is reflected in the beautiful lighting of the iconic Eiffel Tower back in 1937. By making the lighting just a bit more romantic, we hoped to have illuminated visitors’ hearts.

1930’s: Paris Eiffel Tower

1940s: Amsterdam Canal Bridge


Sticking true to our roots and honoring the beautiful landmarks in The Netherlands, Philips Lighting lit up one of the canal bridges in Amsterdam in 1948. By illumating these bridges, we don’t just increase safety but also add another level of beauty to an already iconic symbol of the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

1940’s: Amsterdam Canal Bridge

1950s: Olympic Stadium Oslo (winter Olympics)


Philips Lighting has supported the Olympics throughout history on multiple occasions, for example the Oslo winter Olympics. Lighting up the stadium to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the events was key. By illuminating the stadium,we hope to have illuminated the athletes to a great performance as well!

1950’s: Olympic Stadium Oslo (winter Olympics)

1960s: Acropolis


Lighting up historical landmarks such as the Acropolis is a proud footstone in the Philips Lighting history. Bringing a spotlight to such an iconic landmark such as the Acropolis is a feat we cherish,  making the already impressive landmark stand out even more is a fact we’re proud of!

1960’s: Acropolis:

1970s: The Roman Baths, United Kingdom


Keeping in line with illuminating history, the illumination of the Roman Bath House in Bath, UK is a prime example of merging our past with the world’s history. We truly tried to achieve a real feeling of romance through our lighting, making the experience of visiting these bath houses just a little bit more special.

1970’s: The Roman Baths, UK

1980s: Monas Tower Indonesia, Jakarta


Philips has truly illuminated monuments all over the world, take this beautiful example of the Monas Tower in Jakarta. In the bustling city of Jakarta, this tower stands out with its strength and power, which is only intensified with the lighting!

1980’s: Monas Tower Indonesia, Jakarta

1990s: The Pyramids in Egypt


Illuminating the great pyramid of Giza and thus linking ourselves to one of the ancient wonders of the world marks the coming together of ancient technology and modern technology. Using a mixture of colors and different lighting, the true strength and power of the pyramids is expressed intensily.

1990’s: The Pyramids in Egypt

2000s: Inner Ring Road Bridge, Bangkok Thailand


Imagine being able to tell what day it is simply by looking at the bridge? This is what Philips Lighting enabled the people of Bangkok to do by illuminating the Inner Ring Road Bridge each day with a specific color. Also, they are able to tailor illumination for special occasions such as New Year or the King’s birthday – all via LED.

2000’s: Inner Ring Road Bridge, Bangkok Thailand

2000s: Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace is the iconic home of the Queen of Great Britain. Previously, there were concerns with lighting the building as people were afraid that it would mean you could look into the building and even in the bedrooms! However, with the power of LED and the associated benefits, Philips Lighting illuminated the building in such a way to overcome this.

2000’s: Buckingham Palace

2012s Empire State Building


The world’s most famous office building’s tower lights, New York’s skyline, got rejuvenated and given life by Philips Lighting. The building shines with beauty and truly shows the impact of what well-placed state-of-the-art, dynamic lighting system could have on bringing out more to what’s already a great sight.

2012’s Empire State Building

2010s and 2015s: London eye and Bayern Munich stadium


Illuminating such a strong symbol such as the London Eye and the Bayern Munich stadium is what Philips Lighting is all about, combining the strength of the landmarks itself plus our lights creates a perfect synergy that we love showing the world, truly bringing out the beauty and life of the already iconic landmarks.

2010’s: London eye
2000’s: Bayern Munich stadium